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Memphis police arrest dozens for drug-dealing

Some of our readers might remember the powerful 1980s documentary "Cocaine Cowboys." It traced the explosion of violence and cash that came with the influx of easily available, affordable cocaine.

Memphis police borrowed from the film when choosing a name for a recent enforcement campaign targeting an alleged drug-trafficking operation funneling the drug into North Memphis. "Operation Cocaine Cowboy" resulted in 26 arrests late last week, though authorities said they are still looking for another 10 people suspected of drug-dealing crimes.

No conviction, no charge: police still seize property

It is hard to believe that it happens in America, but it does. It even happens right here in Shelby County: law enforcement officials seize property from people who have not been convicted of any crime. In fact, sometimes they have not even been charged with a crime.

Take the case of a 54-year-old man not far from Memphis. His teenage son was driving his 2005 Mercedes when he was pulled over by Millington police and arrested "on marijuana charges." The police department seized the Army veteran's car under the civil asset forfeiture law and intended to sell it, though its owner had not been charged or convicted.

Memphis-area man accused of selling drugs, sexual exploitation of kids

Just a few miles north of Memphis, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Millington man and accused him of selling drugs to children. That wasn't the worst that he did, however, say law enforcement officials, who claim the man sold the drugs to kids as a way of meeting children he could potentially sexually abuse.

The 55-year-old is charged with especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor in addition to multiple drug-related charges.

"Money Don't Sleep" drug, weapons arrests in West Memphis

The lyrics to Gangsta L's "Money Don't Sleep" get right to the point. "The money is calling. No time for distractions. You're only as good as your last transaction."

Federal law enforcement officials used the track's title for the name of the enforcement operation carried out in West Memphis. Fifty arrest warrants were obtained on a variety of drug charges and alleged weapons violations. Twenty-seven arrests were made; 11 suspects were already in custody. Thirteen suspects are still being sought, officials said.

Traffic arrest morphs into big surprise

If you drive northeast of Memphis for about six hours, you will arrive in Loudon County. The rural area was recently home to a unique marriage proposal that began with an arrest -- sort of.

According to a TV station report, a man was driving his girlfriend in his car when he was pulled over. The police officer told the man that he was being arrested for a traffic violation. It was then that the officer and the boyfriend let the girlfriend in on what was really taking place.

The ultimate form of child abuse

A Memphis TV station recently reported that a tragedy began innocently enough, when a 3-year-old boy drank milk from the carton. According to police, the events that followed were the ultimate form of child abuse.

The toddler was reportedly severely beaten by two women who roomed with the boy and his mom. The 3-year-old died from injuries allegedly sustained in the beatings; the two women have been charged with first degree homicide, while the toddler’s mom faces charges of child neglect.

Tennessee man faces 16 charges after high-speed chase

You don't need to spend 10-plus hours in a jet to get from Memphis to Paris, France. Instead, you can drive northeast on the interstate for a couple of hours and arrive in Paris, Tennessee. The seat of Henry County recently had a grand jury indict a man on 16 criminal charges ranging from alleged drug crimes to a slew of traffic violations.

Most of the charges had their origins in a January high-speed chase that ended in a wreck, a local newspaper reports.

Memphis TV station highlights injustice in drug arrest

Memphis Channel 13's news reports that a man who was pulled over in March thought he might be facing a traffic ticket for driving without headlights. But the routine traffic stop began to turn into a legal nightmare almost immediately. The man wound up spending months in jail for an alleged drug crime that involved nothing more than drywall residue.

The police officer who stopped him noticed a white powder on the car seat and the floorboard. As it turned out, Karlos Cashe was on probation for a 2015 marijuana and cocaine possession charge. Worse, a check of court records indicated that the man had violated his court-ordered curfew.

Police: Tennessee man's DNA led to Memphis burglary arrest

According to law enforcement officials, DNA evidence recovered at the scene of a convenience store burglary in early 2016 has resulted in an arrest of a Tennessee man in June of 2017. The Alabama store is about 150 miles east of Memphis on Highway 20 in Florence.

The suspect was arrested in Memphis a few days ago. He is facing charges of burglary, theft of property, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief.

Parents accuse Memphis-area Scout leader of sex crimes with son

The Boy Scouts' motto is "be prepared." Law enforcement officials say a former Scout leader and Cub Scout den mother should be prepared to spend time behind bars if she is convicted on charges of sexual indecency with a child and child pornography.

A Memphis TV station reports that the 38-year-old Marion, Arkansas, allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old who was in the woman's Scout troop.

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