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Video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest released

A few days ago, Memphis TV stations joined networks around the nation in broadcasting news that stunned the sports world: Tiger Woods had been arrested. The golf icon was arrested for driving under the influence near his Florida home.Shortly after the news of the arrest broke, Woods released an apology along with a statement that he had not been drinking. He said he had experienced an unusual reaction from prescribed medications. Law enforcement seemed to back up his contention when police revealed that he had blown a 0.0 BAC (blood alcohol content) on a breathalyzer.

Pressure on Memphis VA to fire woman after DUI

She has been punished, but some members of the media have decided her punishment was insufficient. An employee at the Memphis Veteran Affairs facility recently completed a 60-day jail sentence for a DUI conviction.But several media outlets -- including the Tennessean and the Daily Caller -- have run large extensive articles on the 32-year-old. Clearly, the pressure is on the VA to fire her though she paid her debt to society.

Breath test result doesn't necessarily make or break your case

How does one end up facing a DUI charge? Being arrested for suspicion of DUI probably brings to mind a night-time traffic stop and an image of someone taking a breath test. These are common lead-ups to a drunk driving arrest and charge, but the commonness of a breath test doesn't mean the test is reliable or the most important aspect of a Tennessee case.

Did a celebratory Guinness get you arrested for DUI?

Over the weekend, if you are like the millions of men and women across the country who celebrate St. Patrick's Day, you might have indulged in some green beer with friends. USA Today addresses people's widespread love of beer over the holiday. According to a survey, across the world, people will consume 13 million pints of Guinness alone on March 17. 

Were you arrested for a DUI while driving home from a party?

Getting arrested and charged with a DUI is a lot more common than you think. It's just that nobody likes to talk about it. In fact, one of your best friends could be driving with a breathalyzer ignition interlock device installed in his car, and you don't even know it.

Tennessee marijuana laws and DUI charges

It is no secret that marijuana use is becoming more mainstream in America these days. After the most recent election cycle, over half of the states in the nation allow for the legal use of cannabis for medical purposes and 8 states allow for the recreational use as well. Tennessee, however, is not one of these states and marijuana use can still result in severe penalties, especially if it is associated with the operation of a vehicle.

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