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Almost 20 Years Of Experience In Criminal Defense, Family Law And Personal Injury Cases

Since 1999, Experienced Attorney Jack P. Sherman has fought to protect the rights of criminal defense clients in Memphis and its surrounding counties — building a track record of success in court for thousands of clients. Not only is Attorney Jack P. Sherman held in high regard by his clients, but he is also highly respected among his peers, and judges throughout the Memphis area. If you or a loved one is in need of powerful, aggressive representation after a criminal arrest for drugs, DUI domestic violence or any serious felony charge, Jack P. Sherman is the reliable lawyer who puts your needs first.

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Criminal Defense

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Criminal Offense

A conviction for a criminal offense can change your life forever.
You could face years behind bars, substantial fines, a criminal record, damage to your personal and professional reputations, and mandatory registration as a sex offender if the charge is a serious sex crime. Only one person stands between you and that bleak future. In Memphis, that person who believes in you and your rights is Jack P. Sherman.

Did Tennessee law enforcement overstep its bounds in arresting you for a serious drug crime?

Did an illegal search and seizure, entrapment or coerced confession lead to your possession, trafficking or drug paraphernalia charges, and forfeiture of your assets? You have interests that must be safeguarded, starting today. The Law Office of Jack P. Sherman works hard to put this life-changing legal crisis behind you, in negotiations with prosecutors and at trial.

Many domestic violence complaints begin with “He said, she said” allegations. If you were jailed in Memphis without due process after a spousal abuse or child abuse charge is filed, your version of events should be heard, loudly and proudly. At The Law Office of Jack P. Sherman, in Memphis, we listen carefully to your side of the story, conduct in-depth investigation, bargain with prosecutors and aggressively litigate against them, if necessary.

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