TN traffic tickets can add up to become a big roadblock

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Traffic Violations

Most of us have to drive to accomplish our everyday tasks. Whether we have to get to work, transport our kids to school, get to the store, etc., driving is a necessary part of daily life.

What if you lost your driving privileges? That would likely not just have a big negative impact on your life; but it could also negatively impact your family and your work. The potential suspension or revocation of your driver’s license is a primary reason why you should take any traffic violation charge seriously.

Tennessee uses a point system for its resident drivers. Something as common as a speeding ticket, for example, could result in one or more points against your driving license. The number of points assigned to a moving violation in Tennessee generally depends on the severity of an alleged driving offense.

Because we understand that just about any driver has or could be cited for speeding, we think you should know that a speeding ticket involving minor speeding (1 to 5 mph over the limit) can lead to 1 point against your license. Six to 15 mph over the limit can lead to 3 points assigned, according to the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

If an individual accumulates 12 points within a year, they are at-risk of driver’s license suspension. While there are options to try to fight the limits that Tennessee officials want to put on your driving privileges, proactively fighting a ticket or any traffic violation charge can be most effective in protecting your freedoms.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney can become an advocate for your freedom and mobility in the event you are charged with a traffic violation in Memphis or surrounding Tennessee.