What are other types of sex crimes charges in Tennessee?

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We outlined some basic definitions of some Tennessee sex crimes in a previous post. There are various other charges of sex offenses that someone can face, though. This post will outline a couple more of those offenses and what constitutes such crimes. 

Not everyone who is accused of a sex crime is accused of rape. The following are different crimes under the same serious umbrella of criminal charges in the state:

Sexual battery

Engaging in sexual contact of someone’s “intimate parts” through force, coercion or fraud. This touching can happen on top of clothing. Intent is for the defendant’s sexual gratification or arousal. A victim does not consent to the contact. Someone who is impaired cannot consent.

Aggravated sexual battery

Sexual battery becomes more serious if greater coercion allegedly is applied. This can mean a weapon was involved, physical force or violence or more than one suspect engaged in the contact. Sexual battery becomes classified more seriously as aggravated sexual battery if an alleged victim is younger than 13 years old.

Now that we’ve given some ideas of just some sex crime charges that endanger the freedoms of Tennessee men and women, it is important to stress that there are defenses in these cases. An allegation of rape, sexual battery, etc. can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on a defendant’s life. 

By enlisting the experience of an aggressive sex crimes defense lawyer, you can best mitigate the damage to your name and possibly avoid conviction. Common defenses are proving you had an alibi and that you couldn’t have possibly committed the offense. Another defense is that the supposed victim truly did consent to the sexual encounter. 

Every case is unique. Perhaps one of the above defenses applies to your situation. Let your lawyer identify the legal route that is best for your future.