No avoiding the ‘No refusal’ this time of year

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

It is 2017. While much buzz around the country has been anticipating the end of a rough 2016, some people will undoubtedly face a rough new year due to holiday arrests.

As we mentioned in a past post before the holiday season began, Tennessee authorities step up their aggression toward suspected drunk drivers during certain times of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are all high-risk times for you or a loved one to be targeted by a DUI investigation.

Between Friday, Dec. 30 and the end of Sunday, Jan. 1, police throughout various counties in Tennessee will have utilized a “No refusal” policy over the holiday weekend. This policy gives police more freedom to demand blood tests from drivers whom they suspect are intoxicated.

When a driver is pulled over for a traffic stop, police will evaluate the situation. If the officer has cause to believe a driver is impaired, they basically will get a blood sample. All the police have to do is get in contact with a judge who, if they believe there is probable cause, will issue an electronic warrant for a blood test.

Think what you will about this controversial law enforcement tactic, but the reality is that Tennessee allows it. The tactic puts people at-risk of DUI charges during what is supposed to be a joyful time of year.

Critics of no refusal policies argue that demanding blood samples is a potential, intrusive invasion of privacy. Are you worried about your rights? Do you feel violated by how law enforcement treated you during a traffic stop?

Let an experienced DUI defense lawyer take on some of your concern and act on your behalf to fight for your rights and freedom.