Distracted Driving Awareness Month may lead to traffic tickets

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Traffic Violations

When Spring has sprung, various awareness efforts come, one after the other. Many of these causes bring people together and raise awareness through 5Ks, fundraisers and other group events. Others simply call for the public to pay attention to a health and safety matter.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Efforts are taking place across the U.S., including here in Tennessee, to “teach the public” about the dangers of distracted driving. The so-called “teaching” can become more of an expensive form of scolding, however, for drivers accused of using their phones while driving. 

One Tennessee Highway Patrol officer says seeing a driver looking “away from the road” is often the beginning of a traffic stop related to distracted driving. Texting behind the wheel is against the law in Tennessee and will cost a driver at least $50 for one violation. The traffic violation matter can go to court, and those charged with the offense are to pay those costs.

If you are going to court because you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, it is always wise to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. Some might immediately assume that a texting while driving ticket is no big deal; therefore, they don’t need a lawyer. Small things can add up, costing you money, your reputation, your driving rights and severely tarnishing your record. 

If you’ve been accused of distracted driving, you do have choices. You can pay the fine and basically move on. But you can also fight the criminal accusation and ticket. Law enforcement wrongfully accuses some drivers of texting behind the wheel. Maybe there was no probable cause to initiate a traffic stop. To learn about and perhaps defend your rights, talk to an attorney right away.