Memphis police officer arrested for domestic violence

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It happens across the spectrum of society. Johnny Depp has been accused of domestic violence and so have Sean Penn and Mel Gibson. So have NFL stars such as Adrian Peterson and Adam Jones and baseball players such as Jose Reyes and Jeurys Familia. Some of those accused were later vindicated, some convicted and some came to agreements with prosecutors or accusers.

There are, of course, many ordinary people who never make the headlines who face accusations of domestic violence. Add a Memphis police officer to the list.

The 52-year-old was recently arrested on a charge of domestic assault – bodily harm. Law enforcement officials said his wife made the accusation against him after the two were in an argument.

Police were called to the couple’s Hickory Hills home, where the cop’s wife told responding officers that he was drunk. She said she and her husband had argued about his driving after giving his brother a ride home to West Memphis.

She said that after the couple returned to their home, her husband pushed her. She sustained “minor abrasions to her wrists and left elbow,” according to an article in the Commercial Appeal.

The 18-year police veteran is on leave pending the results of an internal investigation.

A domestic violence arrest can not only result in jail time and significant fines, it can also result in job loss and have negative impacts on future employment opportunities.

An attorney experienced in domestic violence representation can help you protect yourself and your freedom at every step of the process.