Memphis police: Thieves ran off with Nike shoes

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Theft

We do not know if the sneakers were imprinted with the name of Michael Jordan, LeBron James or even comedian Kevin Hart. All endorse Nike shoes. One thing Memphis police say they know: the shoes didn’t just walk off by themselves. Someone stole the footwear from a big rig’s trailer parked in a Southeast Shelby County lot.

According to law enforcement officials cited by News Channel 3, someone first cut a hole through the parking lot fence, then sawed off the trailer’s lock, made their way inside and removed at least 12 cartons of Nike shoes valued at more than $14,000. At the time this blog post was written, no one had been charged with theft in the case.

A truck driver told a TV station reporter that there are people who stake out warehouses in order to learn what arriving trucks contain, targeting trailers filled with valuable goods that will be relatively easy to convert to cash.

One of the types of loads targeted by thieves in the Memphis area, the TV station says: cigarettes.

The trucker said that companies often instruct drivers hauling valued merchandise to motor for at least 100 miles before stopping in order to reduce risks of hijackings and thefts.

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