Memphis TV station highlights injustice in drug arrest

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Memphis Channel 13’s news reports that a man who was pulled over in March thought he might be facing a traffic ticket for driving without headlights. But the routine traffic stop began to turn into a legal nightmare almost immediately. The man wound up spending months in jail for an alleged drug crime that involved nothing more than drywall residue.

The police officer who stopped him noticed a white powder on the car seat and the floorboard. As it turned out, Karlos Cashe was on probation for a 2015 marijuana and cocaine possession charge. Worse, a check of court records indicated that the man had violated his court-ordered curfew.

It got worse from there for the Oviedo, Florida, man: when the cop field-tested the white powder from the car, the test came up positive for cocaine, law enforcement officials said.

The man said that throughout the arrest, he told the officer that he’s a handyman and that the white powder was drywall, not a drug.

And it got even worse: a K-9 unit was called to the scene and the dog signaled that there were drugs in the man’s car.

A police sergeant showed up at the scene and field-tested substances suspected of being cocaine and marijuana. Those tests also came back positive. At that point, the man was taken to county jail.

He was denied bond because it was believed he had violated probation.

According to the news report, the man spent three months in jail. “I sat there 90 days knowing I was innocent,” he said.

Finally, lab tests came back on the substances in his car. The tests showed that there had been no drugs in the vehicle.

And as it turned out, the probation system database was out of date: the man had not violated his curfew way back when he was pulled over for no headlights.

Clearly, injustice rather than justice carried the day in this case.

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