Memphis woman faces sex trafficking charges

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According to law enforcement officials, a Memphis woman took a 14-year-old to area motels to have sex with people who had responded to ads she had placed online. The news article in the Commercial Appeal did not include the woman’s side of the story.

The 26-year-old was recently indicted on sex trafficking charges, the Shelby County District Attorney General said in a statement.

A grand jury issued an indictment for trafficking for commercial sex acts involving a child under 15, as well as for promoting travel for purposes of prostitution.

The woman was arrested more than a year ago in a South Third St. motel by the Memphis Police Department’s Organized Crime/Vice unit. According to them, she had arranged a sexual encounter between the teenager and a customer who had answered a Backpage ad.

Police investigators allege that the woman would drive the girl to motels to have sex with men who then paid the woman. She is accused of giving the teen money for gas and a place to live after the encounters.

After the woman’s arrest, the teenager was placed by a court in the custody of juvenile care officials.

The district attorney’s Special Victims Unit is prosecuting the case. It is assigned to matters involving allegations of child sexual abuse, severe physical abuse of children, sexual assaults of adults and the abuse of elderly and vulnerable adults.

Everyone facing sex crimes charges faces the possibility of prison and more if they are convicted. An experienced criminal defense attorney helps defend your rights and your freedom.