Police: Tennessee man’s DNA led to Memphis burglary arrest

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According to law enforcement officials, DNA evidence recovered at the scene of a convenience store burglary in early 2016 has resulted in an arrest of a Tennessee man in June of 2017. The Alabama store is about 150 miles east of Memphis on Highway 20 in Florence.

The suspect was arrested in Memphis a few days ago. He is facing charges of burglary, theft of property, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief.

Unfortunately, the short article on the arrest contained no details of the investigation. Many observers would wonder why police pursued a case of that magnitude for so long, and why arrest was so delayed. It would be interesting to know as well why law enforcement officials believe that DNA in a convenience store indicates that a particular person was involved in a crime at that store.

In an unrelated matter, a Memphis TV station recently reported that a Georgia man has been arrested on drug trafficking charges. According to the report, the man apparently went to Yellow Freight to pick up a package.

He was told that police investigators had intercepted and seized the 214-pound package, however. He was later arrested on drug charges in Cobb County, officials said.

They also said the man told police that he was indeed involved with a drug-trafficking operation based in California. He said he would order “large quantities” of marijuana from there and then distributes it.

He said he paid for the pot and was in turn paid for accepting the shipment.

At his home, police found 8 pounds of marijuana, a vacuum sealer and an unspecified amount of Xanax.

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