Video of Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest released

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A few days ago, Memphis TV stations joined networks around the nation in broadcasting news that stunned the sports world: Tiger Woods had been arrested. The golf icon was arrested for driving under the influence near his Florida home.

Shortly after the news of the arrest broke, Woods released an apology along with a statement that he had not been drinking. He said he had experienced an unusual reaction from prescribed medications. Law enforcement seemed to back up his contention when police revealed that he had blown a 0.0 BAC (blood alcohol content) on a breathalyzer.

According to Memphis’s channel 13 news, officers found a sleeping Woods behind the wheel of a Mercedes stopped on the right side of a road at about two in the morning.

A 98-minute video of the two officers’ encounter with Woods has been released. The golfer’s speech is slurred, he has difficulty standing and following instructions, and appears to confuse Jupiter, Florida, with southern California.

The officer questioning Woods might also have been a bit confused. At one point he asks Woods if he has been drinking. The golfer says that he has not.

“Are you sure about that?” the officer asks. “Because there’s some odor coming from you.”

As the breathalyzer test results show, Woods had indeed not been drinking. It makes a person wonder what “odor” the officer detected.

We do not yet know how his DUI arrest will be resolved, but we do know that in similar Memphis cases, an experienced attorney can help clients navigate the judicial system and protect their rights and freedom.