Former Memphis Grizzlies star facing reduced drug charge

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He’s a King now, but for years Zach Randolph ruled the basketball court in Memphis. The Sacramento Kings power forward was arrested last month on a felony drug charge of possessing marijuana with intent to sell. However, after talking matters over with Randolph’s criminal defense attorney, Los Angeles prosecutors recently reduced the charge to misdemeanor marijuana possession.

The former member of the Memphis Grizzlies is also accused of resisting arrest when he was taken into custody when he was with a large group of people who were “drinking, smoking marijuana, blasting music and blocking streets,” according to police statements.

The two-time NBA All-Star was arrested Aug. 9 at a Watts housing project. Police have said the 36-year-old was in possession of “more than 28.5 grams of marijuana or more than four grams of concentrated cannabis or both.”

He was also accused of obstructing a Los Angeles police officer in the discharge of their duties and resisting arrest. The 6-foot-nine Randolph is scheduled to appear in court later this week on the charges.

His attorney and agent had previously said the accusations are “false and misleading.”

According to police, when officers approached the unruly crowd, three people — including Randolph — ran off. The basketball star and another man went inside a home.

They were arrested after people in the crowd tried to block officers and some people began throwing bottles and rocks, police said. Several law enforcement vehicle windows were broken and tires were slashed.

No one was hurt, police said.

The 16-year NBA veteran spent 8 seasons here in Memphis with the Grizzlies. He signed with the Kings over the past summer.