Police: three-state crime spree ended in Tennessee

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If you drive east of Memphis for about four hours, you will come to Coffee County. The area is known for farming, but lately made the news as the final stop on what police say was a three-state crime spree for a group of three young men and two teens under 18.

The five suspects under arrest have been charged with sexual assault, among other felonies. In Valdosta, Georgia, 50 warrants have been issued for the group; 45 are for alleged felonies, according to a news report.

Law enforcement officials say the group live-streamed on social media a gang rape. They have also been questioned by police about a homicide in Florida, a TV newscast stated.

Officials said that the string of incidents began when the group stole a car in the Miami, Florida, area.

They then reportedly drove north to Brunswick, Georgia, along the Atlantic coast. There they allegedly broke into a police vehicle and stole an officer’s gun.

From there, they are said to have gone to Valdosta, where they are accused of breaking into a series of parked vehicles.

After another stop or two in Georgia, they made their way into Tennessee, where the stolen vehicle was apparently spotted by a police officer.

Once in custody, they were interviewed by Fort Lauderdale law enforcement about a sexual assault and homicide there.

Two of the men have been charged with rape, police said. More charges might be pending in other jurisdictions.

In a situation like this, it is possible the accused will need criminal defense attorneys in more than one state.