DUI could be dismissed for controversial former Memphis cop

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A controversial former Memphis police officer continues to face serious questions about the July 2015 shooting of unarmed Darrius Stewart. However, an entirely separate matter involving former cop Connor Schilling has been resolved.

Shilling’s July DUI charge has been settled, the Commercial Appeal reported recently. If he pays $1,406 in fines and attends required classes, the drunk driving charge will be dismissed.

The newspaper noted that this is the second DUI charge that the former cop has faced. He was charged with DUI back in July of 2014, but the charge was dropped after the arresting officer did not appear in court. Schilling served an 18-day MPD suspension in that case.

If he had been convicted, he would have not been able to continue to serve as a police officer, the Commercial Appeal reported. And if he meets the requirements in the 2017 and the charges are dropped, he will again be eligible to be a police officer.

On July 13 of this year, the 28-year-old Schilling was arrested after another driver called Southaven police to report that a blue pick-up was “all over the road.” The responding officer found Schilling in a fast food parking lot.

The officer later reported that Schilling smelled of alcohol, slurred his words and swayed when he stood.

Schilling said he had consumed four beers, but the officer found an empty pint whiskey in the truck.

In many situations, a person arrested for DUI in Tennessee can feel overwhelmed. Punishment can be harsh and have a profoundly negative impact on a career, educational pursuits, family and much more.

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