Pitcher arrested in Tennessee home on domestic violence charge

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He lives in Tennessee but works in Boston. He’s pitcher Steven Wright of the Boston Red Sox. The knuckleballer was arrested several days ago and charged with domestic assault, according to police in Williamson County.

The 33-year-old is also accused of preventing a 911 call, law enforcement officials said.

Wright’s attorney told a newspaper that the pitcher was arrested after he and his wife had a verbal argument.

“Although he said things he deeply regrets, he did not raise his hands at anyone during the incident, and the situation was purely emotional,” the lawyer said. He added a message from Wright: “We are working together as a family to make our relationships strong, and we ask that you respect our privacy.”

Wright was an All-Star in 2016, but an injury sidelined him for most of the 2017 season. He started just five games before a knee injury put him on the sidelines and underwent cartilage restoration surgery in May.

Wright has been released from jail. Even if he is eventually acquitted of the charges, he could face disciplinary action under Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy, USA Today reported.

As you might know, when someone makes an accusation of domestic violence in Tennessee, the accused will be taken to jail. It is at that point that a criminal defense attorney becomes vital to protect rights, freedom and reputation.

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