DEA: semi-trucks hauled cocaine from border to Memphis

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It is a thousand miles from Memphis to Brownsville, Texas. The border city at the southern tip of the Lone Star State is known as a fast-growing hub of trade with Mexico.

One of the city’s residents has been arrested for commerce of a different kind, however. He was allegedly using 18-wheelers to transport cocaine from Brownsville to Memphis. Federal agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency tapped the man’s phone for months before arresting him on drug dealing charges.

Twelve people have been indicted for their roles in the alleged drug distribution ring.

According to a local TV news report, court records indicate that DEA agents determined that the man was bringing the cocaine from Brownsville to Memphis and then selling to 11 different people here.

In one phone conversation that is apparently between the suspect and another alleged drug dealer, he talks about cocaine using the common code word “ticket” as a euphemism for the drug.

Law enforcement officials said that when the attempted to arrest the Texas man, he crashed his vehicle into a DEA car and then ran into nearby woods carrying two bags. Agents said they found the bags the next day, containing cocaine and nearly $200,000 in cash.

The suspect was arrested soon afterwards. Officials say they are also pursuing an Orang Mound man, who they believe has used a business bank account to launder money from the Brownsville operation.

It appears that the U.S. Attorney in the Western District of Tennessee might seek to confiscate tens of thousands of dollars in the business’s bank account. Asset forfeiture is an important tool to combat drug cartels and drug trafficking organizations, and we will use it aggressively, frequently, and unapologetically,” the prosecutor said.

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