Drugs, stolen items turn up in search of Tennessee vehicle

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If you drive northeast of Memphis for a few hours, you will arrive in Gallatin, Tennessee, Police there recently responded to a call about an unconscious driver in a vehicle parked behind a gas station. When an officer looked inside the pick-up truck, he saw two people: the male driver behind the wheel and a woman in the backseat. Both were naked.

After the two put clothes on and got out, a search of the vehicle turned up a stolen gun, as well as other allegedly stolen items that included jewelry, watches, cell phones, DVDs, knives and keys. The two were arrested on charges of possession of drugs for resale, possession of stolen property, unlawful possession of a firearm and sale of a counterfeit substance.

For those not familiar with that last charge — sale of a counterfeit substance — Tennessee law says it’s illegal to sell, deliver or distribute a substance that is misrepresented to be a controlled substance.

The couple allegedly told law enforcement officials that they were selling the Benefiber (a dietary supplement) in their possession as counterfeit heroin.

According to a news report, police also claimed that as the man got out of the truck, he dropped a cigarette box that apparently contained a small amount of unspecified drugs.

Officials said the couple told them that as a result of their addictions to methamphetamine and heroin, they had been living in the vehicle.

Clearly, their problems are even greater than the significant ones posed by their arrests on serious charges.

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