Police claim Memphis man went on Christmas crime spree

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A Memphis has been accused of a Christmas crime spree that echoed a similar string of accusations this past fall. The 36-year-old faces new charges of robbery and carjacking, police said. It is not yet clear if he will face kidnapping charges as well.

In October, he was accused of stealing a car, wrecking it and then running from police. He was charged then with robbery, burglary, carjacking, evading arrest and more after his arrest in Midtown.

Sources told a Memphis TV station that the October charges against the man were “dismissed for lack of prosecution.” Following the dismissal, he was released from jail. In some situations, a lack of prosecution means prosecutors missed a filing deadline or that they have little interest in a case. Prosecutors can sometimes refile charges.

The TV station reported that in one of the alleged December incidents, the suspect put a gun to a man’s head on Christmas Eve and robbed him in his driveway. The alleged victim’s roommate said, “Hopefully, police will find substantial evidence to keep these guys behind bars, rather than letting them back to run another crime spree.”

Police believe the suspect stole a car from an Orange Mound gas station with a child inside. He later carjacked a second vehicle, “briefly kidnapping an adult,” the news report stated.

He reportedly stole a third car and led police on a pursuit through Cordova, where he is said to have crashed the vehicle.

The charges he faces from the alleged incidents in December are serious. As noted, it is possible that prosecutors will file a kidnapping charge against him at some point, as well as refile dismissed October charges.

Any which way, he faces possible prison time if convicted on all charges.

If you are in a similar predicament, speak to a criminal defense attorney before talking to prosecutors. Find out about your legal options before making a decision that could affect your future.