TBI charges pair with dealing pharmaceutical grade marijuana

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If you drive east of Memphis on Interstate 40 for about five and a half hours, you will come to Crossville. With nine courses, the town of about 10,000 residents is proud to call itself the golf capital of Tennessee.

The town has a small municipal airport just three miles from its downtown. Two people were recently arrested at the airport, according to a news report. A California woman and Florida man were taken into custody and charged with manufacturing, delivery or sale of Schedule VI drugs.

Law enforcement officials said the Florida man flew the small plane into Crossville. When the aircraft was searched, it was found by Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officers to contain approximately 66 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana.

The California woman was apparently waiting in the small airport lobby at the time. TBI agents said they searched her and found that she had in her possession “a bag containing approximately 90 pounds of pharmaceutical grade marijuana, along with edible marijuana products.”

The two suspects were booked into Cumberland County Jail, where they were each being held on $500,000 bond, TBI said.

If convicted on the drug dealing charges, the man and woman each face the potential of many years behind bars in a state prison. Before they speak with law enforcement officials or prosecutors who hope to see them convicted, they should sit down and discuss the charges, evidence and available legal options with a criminal defense attorney dedicated to the protection of their rights and freedom.