Memphis woman accused of shooting, killing abusive boyfriend

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You can find the East Memphis Robinhood Park Apartments directly across Interstate 240 from Nash-Buckingham Park and Nonconnah Creek. Law enforcement officials say the housing complex was where a woman allegedly fatally shot her boyfriend.

The 29-year-old suspect told authorities that her 31-year-old boyfriend abused her and that the shooting was accidental. Police had been called to the apartment to investigate a domestic violence altercation.

After officers arrived, they found the man on a bedroom floor with a gunshot wound. According to a Memphis Commercial Appeal report, the man died at the scene.

A witness to the altercation told officers that the couple had argued and that the man had “pushed (his girlfriend) in the head.” The witness said the woman told the man not to hit her, picked up the gun and shot him.

The woman told police that she picked up the firearm to scare her boyfriend and that the shooting was accidental.

The suspect also told police that she and the man had been involved for about five months and that their relationship was abusive. The man was arrested last year and charged with domestic assault on the woman. According to police records, he was accused of slamming her into the floor of a bathtub.

Her injuries sustained in the assault required her to have surgery, the newspaper reported.

There is no doubt that the suspect in this case has a long and complex legal journey ahead. The first step for her and for others in similar situations is to find a skilled attorney experienced in domestic violence and self-defense matters.