Tennessee inmate says jailer raped, impregnated her

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It takes about five hours to drive east from Memphis to Lynchburg. The small town is home to the Moore County jail, where an inmate alleges that she was repeatedly raped by a corrections officer. The accusations are part of a federal lawsuit in which she also claims to have been impregnated by the officer.

The jail guard pled guilty in November to sexual contact with an inmate and official misconduct and is awaiting sentencing. He is now required to register as a sex offender as well.

The inmate’s parents are raising the newborn that was born in December.

In an interview with a Nashville TV station, the inmate’s father said he knows that the sex that resulted in his daughter’s pregnancy was not consensual. He said she is a lesbian who has never had sexual interest in men.

According to a news article, the woman was sent to the Moore County jail last year after violating probation.

The article states that the alleged sexual assaults took place for four months last year. When the woman began to show signs of pregnancy, she was transferred to another correctional facility.

The corrections officer was later arrested on the sex crimes charges.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse of varying types and degrees is to be found in jails and prisons. We hope that jailers in Moore County and here in Memphis increase their efforts to ensure that no one is victimized behind bars.

If you face the possibility of prison, discuss the charges against you and any evidence with an attorney experienced in criminal defense.