Tennessee man arrested after Facebook claims about rape, murder

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Last October, a Tennessee man made a disturbing claim in social media, writing that he had killed a 5-year-old girl. When law enforcement officials investigated the messages he posted on his Facebook page, they “not find anything credible” in his murder claim, a detective who worked on the case said.

However, their investigation of his claim that he had raped a 5-year-old girl led them to evidence indicating that the Roane County man’s assertions about sex crimes might be true. The 30-year-old has been arrested on charges of child rape, aggravated stalking, harassment and retaliation for past action, police said.

On Oct. 11 of last year, the man allegedly posted several strange comments on Facebook, including a message to the FBI that stated, in part, that he had “killed a 5-year-old girl and I’m trying to tell you where the body is.”

That particular claim is not believed to be true, investigators said, but the man’s claim that he had “raped a 5 year old girl” might be accurate. Police said that Knoxville police initially arrested the man for filing false reports after he filed crimes online indicating that he had raped and murdered a little girl.

He apparently later told police that he had made up the information “to get the attention of law enforcement for the purpose of exposing the false presidential election,” according to law enforcement documents.

The man later gave police an alleged victim’s name and when police launched an investigation into his claims, they found evidence that he had sexually assaulted a girl under age 13 a half dozen times in a 15-month period that ended in April 2007.

He is also accused, in a separate indictment, of stalking and threatening a prosecutor and magistrate who were assigned to a child custody case that involved him.

Those who face similar allegations know that Tennessee laws carry harsh penalties for sex crimes convictions. You can discuss your legal options with a criminal defense attorney experienced in protecting rights and freedom.