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Mediation can help you create a plan for an uncontested divorce

Just because you're getting divorced doesn't mean you have to go through a drawn-out legal battle with your spouse. It may seem like an inevitability if you and your spouse don't agree on how to disentangle your lives from one another. Critical issues like how to split up your assets and your debts could be a source of contention. You may also find yourself disagreeing about things such as terms of child custody and visitation.

Can you refuse a chemical test to avoid a DUI in Tennessee?

Those flashing blue and red lights are the last thing any driver wants to see. Even if you don't think you broke any traffic laws, getting pulled over can instigate instant stress and fear. If the officer who pulled you over seems to suspect that you've broken the law, perhaps by having a drink before driving, that can make the situation even more stressful. All it takes is a simple driving error, like grazing the center line with a tire, to give an officer probable cause for a traffic stop and roadside sobriety test.

Tennessee men arrested on sex crimes charges

If you drive for about five hours east of Memphis on Interstate 40, you will arrive in Cookville. While not everyone is familiar with the city of about 30,000, it’s the largest community in Putnam County. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation recently announced that 10 men in the area have been arrested on felony sex crime charges.

With no end in sight, the “war on drugs” continues to rage

The so-called "war on drugs" was declared 47 years ago by President Richard Nixon, and there is still no end in sight. Last year, the federal government spent $27.5 billion in the ongoing battle with announcements from the president and attorney general that stiffer sentences are needed for drug violations – even including the death penalty in certain circumstances.

How does Tennessee penalize marijuana possession?

Over the last decade, decriminalization and legalization measures have changed marijuana policy in many states. More states than not now allow certain people to access medical marijuana. A growing number have also legalized the adult recreational use of marijuana. However, Tennessee is not a state currently known for having a progressive and forward-looking approach to marijuana law.

Middle school teacher facing drug charges and maybe much more

A short drive east of Memphis will get you to Alcorn County, Mississippi. The sparsely populated county is home to Kossuth Middle School, where a coach finds himself facing serious charges, along with the possibility that even more serious accusations are coming.

Do you know the penalties for a DUI offense in Tennessee?

Driving after having a few drinks can substantially impact your ability to drive safely. It doesn't just put you at risk. It creates increased danger for everyone else on the road as well. That's why all 50 states have created laws that limit the amount of alcohol you can legally have in your body while driving. The idea is to deter people from getting behind the while while intoxicated or impaired.

Selling your prescription medication can lead to jail time

When you receive a prescription from your doctor, many times, you need to take every pill for the treatment to be effective. This rule is particularly true with antibiotics. Other drugs only need to be taken as needed, such as prescription painkillers or medication intended to counteract particular symptoms of a diagnosed condition.

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