Middle school teacher facing drug charges and maybe much more

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A short drive east of Memphis will get you to Alcorn County, Mississippi. The sparsely populated county is home to Kossuth Middle School, where a coach finds himself facing serious charges, along with the possibility that even more serious accusations are coming.

The 29-year-old coach is so far charged with public intoxication and possession of methamphetamine. Law enforcement officials said they were informed that the man had been making secret recordings of students in the girl’s basketball team’s locker room.

When sheriff’s deputies went to the school to talk to the coach, they said he was drunk and had meth on his person.

According to a Memphis TV station’s report, more charges are possible as the investigation into the rumors about possible recordings continues. The coach’s school district did not indicate whether or not he has been suspended or fired from his job.

Though it is not certain that the coach will face allegations involving child pornography (known in Tennessee as sexual exploitation of a minor), those who are so charged face the possibility of years in a state prison upon conviction.

In some situations, those who create or produce prohibited images are charged with especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, a Class B felony. The maximum sentence for a Class B conviction is 30 years behind bars, plus a fine of up to $25,000. However, it should be noted that the sentencing range for each class of felony in Tennessee is wide. 

If you face a sex offense allegation, contact an attorney experienced in defending rights and freedom to learn more about your legal options.