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June 2018 Archives

How reliable are Breathalyzer test results?

People who find themselves facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Tennessee may have many questions about the pending charges. One common concern is the accuracy of chemical breath tests. These tests, commonly referred to by the brand name Breathalyzer, are often the cornerstone of a DUI charge.

Opiates and the law: Heroin's rise in Tennessee

As you may know, the nation is in a state of crisis. Labeled as "the opioid crisis," overprescription of opiate drugs in the past has led to serious problems around the country. Once medical providers realized that patients were becoming or could potentially become addicted to opiates, they began to limit them more stringently. The problem with that is that those who were already addicted no longer had anywhere to turn to medications they needed for pain.

Domestic violence allegations filed against Tennessee sports star

While there probably aren’t as many fans of professional hockey in Memphis as there are fans of college basketball or college football, the sport has undoubtedly grown in popularity since the Predators opened for business in Nashville 20 years ago back in 1998. While last season didn’t end with a Stanley Cup, the team had an extraordinarily successful campaign that ended in first place in the Central Division with a record of 53 wins, just 18 losses and 11 ties.

The anatomy of a divorce announcement

Some people going through a divorce want to keep the process private and to themselves. Others want to announce it to the world the first chance they get. Regardless of which kind of person you are, you'll need to let people know what's going on in your relationship at some point.

Mom puts son behind wheel, has him arrested for DUI

The very first person you met when you entered this world was your mother. They say that there is no love to compare with a mom’s unconditional love for her child. However, a Memphis TV station reports that at least one mother out there might not always have her son’s best interests at heart.

Was a Tennessee man arrested for possession of a legal substance?

Is Kratom a herbal supplement that boosts energy and alleviates pain or is it a dangerous and illegal drug that can mimic opioids? There are people on both sides of the debate in Tennessee, though a criminal defense attorney for a man arrested for Kratom possession about 4 hours northeast of Memphis says the bust was “unreasonable, unfair . . . (and) un-American, really.”

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