False allegations of domestic abuse harms victims

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When women make allegations of domestic violence, the vast majority of them are telling the truth. Sadly, many bear the scars to show it.

But there is a small but significant number of domestic violence “victims” who are not truly victims at all. The false allegations they launch against their intimate partners and spouses greatly undermine the credibility of true battered spouses.

The #MeToo movement and false allegations

As we saw in 2017 and which continues this year, people of all walks of life are subject to sexual assault. Perpetrators come in all shapes and sizes as well. But each time someone tries to level the playing field by making false allegations of sexual assault or domestic abuse, it weakens the cases of legitimate victims everywhere.

These false accusations become a primary barrier to true victims seeking and receiving the help they need to heal. Moreover, false charges clog the Tennessee court system and diminish scarce resources for needy victims.

The true cost of false charges of abuse

Victims worry they won’t be believed and become less likely to report abuse. Cops are less motivated to thoroughly investigate these types of crimes. Jurors and judges begin to doubt the victims’ testimonies, causing more abusers to avoid conviction. Domestic violence shelters are forced to turn victims away.

For those working in certain careers, simply being accused of domestic abuse is enough to get them suspended or even terminated. Being accused of spousal abuse can result in the accused being served with protective orders and having to leave the family home and not be in touch with the children.

Preparing your defense to false domestic violence charges

Has your soon-to-be ex-spouse or former intimate partner leveled false accusations of abuse against you? It happens, and you need to prepare yourself for a vigorous defense, as these charges can change life as you know it.

You need to gather together any evidence that can support your claim that the charges are false. Witness statements and testimony that the accuser was planning to make false allegations of domestic violence can also bolster your case of innocence. It’s important to get to work as soon as possible building your defense to these serious charges.