Tennessee investigator charged with marijuana possession

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Shelby County’s neighbor to the northeast is Tipton County. According to news media reports, a county investigator there was himself the subject of an investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s drug division.

The investigator was recently indicted and arrested on 28 counts of simple possession or casual exchange of a schedule VI drug. He was also charged with a single count of tampering with evidence, according to a Covington newspaper.

The probe of the 40-year-old investigator’s activities began back in February, at the request of the 25th District Attorney General. TBI agents began looking into the suspect’s relationship with a person known by law enforcement officials to be involved in drug distribution.

The investigator with the public defender’s office was allegedly purchasing marijuana from that person.

He has been suspended without pay until the matter is resolved. The news article also stated that the suspect is a former narcotics investigator who worked for the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office for more than a decade. He was hired by the public defender’s office two years ago.

As you probably know, though marijuana possession has been legalized in a number of states, Tennessee is not among them. Though simple possession (possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana) is a Class A misdemeanor, a conviction can mean jail of up to one year. Whether that punishment is reasonable or not is for state legislators to decide.

Obviously, for those charged with simple possession, the law is not a simple matter. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer experienced in drug defense before speaking with a prosecutor.