Memphis woman says twin was arrested on drug charges, not her

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A long time ago, there was a sitcom called “The Patty Duke Show” in which two cousins were mirror images of each other. The rambunctious identical cousin got into mischief and tried to wriggle out of trouble by blaming her soft-spoken twin. Two Memphis sisters might be living a reenactment of sorts of the ‘60s sitcom.

One sister claims she is again being blamed by her identical twin for something she did not do. This time, the twin who says she’s a professional and career woman is being blamed by her twin for drug possession with intent to sell. The good twin says the bad twin was recently arrested on the drug charge and used her name instead of her own.

Tarnesha Lee says she has been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, but it was really her sister, Myesha Brown, who was arrested and taken into custody by police officers. Tarnesha says Myesha used her name during the arrest process.

. “I have a professional career,” she said. “I don’t need my name slandered like this.”

She said the problem is that her twin is “constantly using my name.” She said Memphis police have told her “there’s no way they can clear” her name at this point.

A Memphis TV station reports that she said she believes MPD officers must not have checked her sister’s ID when she was busted with 28 Ecstasy pills in a motel room.

She’s angry not only with her sister, she says, but also because MPD isn’t clearing her name.

We don’t know how her allegations will be resolved, but it seems clear that both sisters are in need of calm counsel and effective legal representation.