Memphis drug raid results in three arrests

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If you drive east of downtown Memphis for about 25 minutes, you’ll arrive in Cordova, which sits just north of Germantown and south of Bartlett.

A Cordova home on Glen Way Cove was recently raided by city police officers executing a search warrant. According to a news report, three people were arrested on drug-related charges after the raid.

The report by WREG TV states that law enforcement officers were trying to locate and arrest a Memphis man they believed was inside the home. According to the station, officers said they knocked at the residence before forcing their way through the doors.

The sought-after suspect allegedly ran out of a rear exit and made his way over a fence. His brother was apparently apprehended inside the home, however, and reportedly told detectives that he had recently purchased more than a pound of marijuana in the vicinity of Bolton High School.

According to the news report and police, he implicated his brother in the transaction. Police later located the brother at another residence, where he was arrested and taken into custody.

A woman at the second residence was also arrested. Police said she had a pair of vials of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in a purse.

The three all face drug charges, the report states, though it contains no specifics about those charges.

While it might not be important to some reporters to get crucial information about an arrest, it is a crucial part of a criminal defense attorney’s job to examine in detail the evidence, allegations, search procedures, seizures and more. In that way, the best possible defense strategy can be carefully assembled and presented.