Tennessee man accused of exposing himself to co-worker

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2018 | Sex Crimes

If you drive northeast of Memphis for about three hours, you will come to the suburban Nashville town of Fairview. A man there has been accused of a sex crime after a female co-worker alleged that he exposed himself to her in the workplace.

The man manages a Fairview convenience store. According to a news report, he admits that he took his clothes off inside the truck stop housing several businesses where they both work. She works at a doughnut shop at the same location; there is no wall between the convenience store and shop.

The woman says that when she saw the 45-year-old man, she worried that he was going to rape or kill her. She says he turned off all the lights inside the businesses and then disrobed.

“He was completely naked,” she said. She concedes that he made no threatening advances on her.

According to a police report, the man apparently admitted that he took his clothes off. He told a TV news reporter that “it’s all a misunderstanding” and that he has “no comment.” However, when asked if his alleged behavior was inappropriate, he conceded, “yeah, it is inappropriate.”

He indicated that the woman might have said something provocative or inappropriate before the alleged incident, but would not elaborate.

It is impossible in this case and in similar cases to determine from a news account exactly what happened. Those accused of these kinds of offenses do well to decline to speak to news media or investigators before they talk to a criminal defense attorney who will protect their rights and freedom.