On the move: Indiana woman arrested in Tennessee on robbery charge

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

According to law enforcement officials, a woman recently arrested in Tennessee had been on the move before she was taken into custody. She and her boyfriend had reportedly traveled from Indiana to Wakulla County, Florida.

She is accused of robbing a pharmacy there and then fleeing to Blount County, Tennessee – an area about 400 miles east of Memphis and a short distance south of Knoxville. She has been charged with robbery and grand larceny, a police spokesperson told a news source.

According to the spokesperson, the woman walked into a Wakulla County pharmacy and gave a clerk a note that stated that she had a gun. She demanded that she be given the opioid Suboxone, as well as Cannabidiol (CBD) and vitamins. She then apparently fled the store.

Though police arrived at the pharmacy arrived less than a minute after the alleged incident, she could not be located, they said. However, investigators were able to identify and track her through social media, according to a brief news article

Two days later, investigators said they learned that she and her boyfriend were in Tennessee. When the pair was located, police said the woman had dyed her hair to blonde from red. Her boyfriend was apparently also arrested on charges unrelated to the alleged robbery.

Clearly, the woman in question should decline to talk to investigators and prosecutors until after she has had a chance to speak with a criminal defense attorney who knows how to examine and analyze evidence, charges and police procedures.