Tennessee Highway Patrol arrests volunteer sheriff’s deputy

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According to a news report, a 38-year-old man behind the wheel of a Ford Crown Victoria on an interstate highway east of Memphis ran people off of the road and passed vehicles on the shoulder – all while using a red and blue light on his car’s dash. The Tennessee Highway Patrol reportedly arrested the man for drunk driving.

While the trooper was talking to the man, the suspect apparently said that he was a Campbell County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Campbell County is about 430 miles northeast of Memphis.

The state trooper wrote in his arrest report that the Caryville man’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and that there was an open bottle of vodka on the passenger-side floor. The suspect apparently told the trooper that he had consumed two beers after work.

The man agreed to a sobriety test, on which he apparently “performed unsatisfactory.” He was then arrested for DUI. It was then that he reportedly told the trooper that he was a Campbell County Sheriff’s deputy. The sheriff’s office late acknowledged that the suspect is a department volunteer.

He has been relieved of his volunteer deputy status, a press release from the sheriff’s office stated.

According to a news report, a search of the vehicle turned up an empty bottle of vodka and a light that flashed red and blue when activated.

It is impossible to tell if the allegations in a news article are accurate or not, but it is always certain that those accused of DUI have the right to present their side of the story in court with the help of a criminal defense attorney. Even those who have made mistakes can have an experienced lawyer negotiate with prosecutors to ensure that punishment is appropriate and not excessive.