Tennessee police officer arrested for DUI

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Memphis police officers are regular people who put their uniform pants on one leg at a time. They work, play, laugh, cry and make mistakes just as everyone else does. We read recently of an officer here in Tennessee who is accused of making a serious mistake: she has been arrested and charged with driving while drunk.

The 19-year veteran of the Nashville Police Department is accused of crashing her pick-up truck while driving under the influence of alcohol while she was off-duty.

The detective has turned in her badge and firearm as required after an arrest. According to a news report, she was not armed when she crashed her vehicle on Interstate 40 in the early hours of a recent weekend night.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to reports that a pick-up was weaving on the highway. When officers arrived, they found the vehicle rolled over. The police detective was said to be the only occupant and was not injured in the accident.

State troopers apparently thought the officer smelled of alcohol and she reportedly admitted that she had been drinking. She agreed to a blood test, but results of the test were not reported.

Though she remains an employee, she has been decommissioned from the police force. She had to turn in her badge and weapon.

As is the case for so many arrested for DUI, the officer faces not only the possible loss of her job, but also a potential loss of freedom if convicted under the state’s harsh DUI laws.

If you are in a similar situation, speak with a skilled DUI defense attorney before talking to a prosecutor.