Holiday blues: Memphis police officer accused of domestic violence

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Everyone knows that the holiday season can be a stressful time. There are often pressures from family and work, as well as overflowing list of demanding tasks that include shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining. Put it all together and the combination can raise tensions in homes.

We read recently of a Memphis couple that might have succumbed to holiday pressures. A city police officer has been accused of domestic violence against his partner in their home, Channel 13 reported.

Officer Dennis McNeil has been charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence in an incident happened a few days ago, a police report stated. The woman the officer lives with said she and McNeil got into an argument over her use of his credit card.

According to the news report, the woman admitted to Memphis police that “she tried to slap McNeil, but he blocked it.” She said he then struck her, choked her and made threats of further harm.

The four-year veteran officer then apparently left the home with the couple’s young child.

Later in the day, he turned himself in to Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies. He has been suspended from his MPD duties with pay, the news report said.

McNeil is the son of Lieutenant Colonel Dennis McNeil, Sr., also in the Memphis Police Department.

Of course, as is the case with virtually all domestic violence allegations, it’s impossible to know where the truth lies in differing versions of events. Usually, only the two people directly involved really know what happened, and their versions can sometimes be skewed by emotions.

Those accused of domestic violence do well to decline to speak to prosecutors until after they have discussed the evidence and allegations with an experienced criminal defense attorney devoted to protecting rights and freedom.