Domestic violence charges dropped, Memphis reporter speaks out

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A former Memphis TV news reporter has spoken up about the incident that brought his 12-year tenure at WHBQ to a close. Scott Madaus was arrested on domestic assault charges on Dec. 14. He was afterwards dismissed from Fox 13.

Madaus issued a statement on social media to his viewers, who he said he had let down. The domestic violence charge was dropped on Jan. 18, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported.

Though Madaus wrote in his Facebook post that he would not discuss the details of the incident, he did point out that he never struck his wife and never brandished a gun. He also said his wife did not initiate the domestic violence charge.

“Because of that night I will forever be sorry from the bottom of my heart,” he wrote in his post, adding that he’s ” sorry for letting you down” and offering his thanks for the well wishes he and his family received from viewers.

According to the Commercial Appeal, police said Madus and his wife had been drinking that night when an argument broke out and escalated. She tried to leave with a packed bag, but her husband apparently began trashing their home.

She then locked herself in a bedroom and telephoned law enforcement.

Officers noted in their report that when they arrived, the home was disheveled and the former reporter’s wife had a scratch on her neck.

Police also found two handguns in the home, but no firearms-related charges were filed.

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