Shelby County school board member arrested for DUI

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It can happen to a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend or a family member. When one of them is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, however, they are unlikely to make the evening news. That’s not the case for Shelby County Schools board member Scott McCormick, who was recently arrested for drunk driving by Memphis police.

Around 10 on a recent weekend night, officers were called to a two-car collision on North Main Street. A responding officer reported that he detected “a heavy odor of intoxicant” coming from the 59-year-old board member.

When asked if he had been drinking, McCormick said that he “had one drink about an hour ago.” He said he had been making a left turn out of a parking garage onto North Front Street when a car struck the rear driver-side door of his car. The impact caused both vehicles to spin and then stop, he told the cop.

Two people in the other car were taken to a nearby hospital in what was described as non-critical condition, the Commercial Appeal reported.

McCormick was arrested and then transported to have a blood test performed that would determine his blood alcohol content (BAC). As you know, the legal limit here in Tennessee is .08 percent BAC.

McCormick was charged with DUI, reckless driving and failure to yield while exiting a private driveway.

These are serious charges for a public figure, neighbor, family member or you. Contact a Memphis attorney experienced in DUI defense to learn about your legal options.