Tennessee man faces DUI charge and more after lawn tractor crash

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It is about a 500-mile drive east of Memphis to get to Rogersville. It is the kind of modest Tennessee town in which a 60-year-old man could regularly drive around the city streets on a lawn tractor. The man usually pulled a small trailer behind the lawn tractor, often carrying a 58-year-old woman around on his excursions.

A few days ago, the local newspaper reported that the man was arrested for DUI after he reportedly crashed the lawn tractor while he was intoxicated. The woman was apparently thrown from the trailer and sustained a “massive” head injury.

According to area law enforcement officials, the man was charged with driving under the influence, vehicular assault, driving on a revoked driver’s license, improper use of an off-highway motor vehicle and possession of an open alcohol container.

The town’s police chief said it appeared that while the man was driving the lawn tractor down a hill, the brakes failed or the vehicle “came out of gear.” The chief said the tractor “came flying down the hill” at about 30 mph. When the driver tried to make a right-hand turn, the tractor flipped, ejecting the woman onto the pavement head-first.

The driver was apparently able to safely jump from the tractor and escape injury, though the small vehicle struck a parked vehicle.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to the scene and reportedly administered field sobriety tests. According to the news report, the driver “performed poorly” on the tests. He apparently also smelled of alcohol and admitted to an officer that he had been drinking.

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