Coping emotionally when you are separated from your child

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If you have recently separated from your child’s other parent, you will likely not be seeing your child as regularly as before. This can be difficult for any parent, especially if they believe the other parent is intentionally or maliciously preventing them from building a parent-child bond.

While feelings of resentment, anger and rage can build from not being able to see your child, it is important that you keep calm and act logically. As long as you can prove that you are the parent, you can go through the legal system to petition for custody. Generally speaking, you will be awarded some form of custody as long as you are not deemed to be a threat to the well-being of your child.

If you are struggling to cope emotionally as a result of being separated from your child, it is important that you look inward to fix this. This will not only benefit your mood and mental state, but it will also help you have a more positive attitude toward successfully gaining custody.

Remind yourself that your child deserves to have a happy parent

Your child matters, and fighting to have custody or visitation is a noble thing to do. But if you are suffering mentally through the struggle, it is important that you gain some perspective. Your child wants and deserves a happy parent, so you need to take care of yourself and your emotions, too.

You are doing a service to your child by responsibly fighting for custody

By taking positive steps toward gaining custody or visitation, you are doing a service to your child, and you can be proud of that.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your emotions

Many people suffer emotionally because they feel they cannot discuss their inner thoughts with others. Many parents are in a similar situation to you. By discussing how you feel with friends or support groups, you will likely gain some relief. If you are feeling depressed, it is important that you talk to a medical professional who will be able to prescribe you treatment.

Gaining custody of your child can be a long journey, but by taking early action, you will be able to maximize your chances of being successful.