Neighbors defend Tennessee Trooper arrested on domestic violence charge

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Domestic Violence

When they report on arrests or indictments, it is rare for the news media to do more than echo what they are told by law enforcement officials. We saw a welcome departure from that approach recently when a TV station reported on the arrest of a Tennessee state trooper who has been charged with domestic violence.

Rather than simply regurgitate the official explanation for the arrest, the reporter talked to neighbors who know the trooper and were home when the 29-year-old lawman was arrested.

A man who lives across the street from the trooper and his fiancée said the officer is an asset to the neighborhood. “He watches for cars that come flying down the road for my kids, our neighbor’s kids, his kids,” the man said, adding that the officer and fiancée are “good neighbors” who “never cause trouble.”

Another neighbor said she spoke to the officer’s fiancée and said was told that she “didn’t call and didn’t try and press charges. I know that they tried to make her press charges, to make a report, and she didn’t. There’s no violence here.”

She added that the fiancée was “not injured” and that “she was telling the cops to leave her alone and they wouldn’t.”

According to an arrest report, the four-year veteran trooper “grabbed (his fiancée) by the arms, pushed her against a wall and held her on the floor.” The report apparently did not mention any evidence of injuries to the woman or the trooper.

The officer works out of the Lawrenceburg District (about 175 miles east of Memphis), where he is currently on administrative leave with pay.

Clearly, the investigation could have a serious impact on his job and career, as these types of allegations have for most people.

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