Tennessee cop, boyfriend face domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Domestic Violence

It is the very definition of a “he said, she said” situation: a couple argues, tension escalates and then police are called. Both accuse the other of being physically abusive, but because the only witnesses to the incident are the man and woman, it is virtually impossible for an outsider to know for sure what really transpired.

We read recently of a Tennessee police officer who finds herself at the heart of one of these heated disputes. She’s not there as a law enforcement officer, however, but as an alleged participant. She and her boyfriend are now both accused of domestic violence.

According to a news report, police were sent to the home the officer shares with her boyfriend after he called and reported that she had allegedly assaulted him.

The boyfriend, 34, was standing in the driveway when sheriff’s deputies arrived. He told officers that he and his girlfriend, also 34, “had been drinking alcohol and that they were going through a break-up,” according to the police report.

The boyfriend claimed she had hit him in the face and then began destroying his property. The officer said the opposite was true: she claimed that her boyfriend had hit her and that she wanted medical attention.

A deputy noted that she had a “busted lower lip and red marks on the right side of her face and jaw.”

Deputies said they were unable to determine which of the pair was the primary aggressor.

It can be difficult enough to deal with the emotions that can accompany the end of a relationship, but when domestic violence charges are added to the mix, everything becomes more complicated.

Those who face a similarly tough situation should discuss the charges, evidence and their legal options with a Memphis attorney experienced in domestic violence defense.