Tennessee cop’s career on the line after DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Dui

Though he was wearing a grin at the time his mugshot was taken, it seems likely that the smile disappeared after the Tennessee police officer thought a bit more about the legal trouble he’s facing. Arrested recently for driving under the influence of alcohol, the 43-year-old veteran cop has been suspended from his job without pay.

Perhaps even more significant is the fact that he refused to perform sobriety tests and to submit to a blood or breath test. As regular readers of our Memphis criminal defense blog know, Tennessee has an implied consent law, which means that those who refuse a BAC (blood alcohol content) test have their driver’s license revoked for a full year.

The officer was arrested in Rogersville, the small town where he works, nearly 500 miles east of Memphis.

According to a news report, the officer was arrested after he crashed his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on the town’s Main Street. Though there were no indications in the news story that anyone was injured in the crash, it should be noted that Tennessee’s implied consent law contains provisions for extended driver’s license suspensions if a person has been in a crash that resulted in bodily injury or death.

The officer has been charged with DUI, a violation of implied consent law, possession of a firearm while under the influence, failure to have proof of insurance and improper lane usage.

Although his grin is likely long gone, he can fight for his freedom, license and career by speaking with an attorney experienced in DUI defense and implied consent violations.