The criminal charges associated with prescription drugs

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Prescription drugs serve an important purpose because they help to treat the symptoms in those suffering from a certain condition. However, they are legal only when in possession of a prescription from a medical professional. Some prescription drugs can be desirable for recreational drug users, and, as a result, they become valuable.

Those who engage in selling, distributing and using prescription drugs that have not been legitimately prescribed to them can face criminal charges, including fines and even jail time. If you have been accused of an illegal act relating to prescription drugs in Tennessee, it is important that you fully understand the law.

Irresponsible prescriptions

It is extremely easy to become addicted to prescription drugs, especially those that alleviate pain. This is why several doctors in the past have been charged with drug-related charges when they have been irresponsible in their prescriptions. Allowing patients to become addicted to their prescriptions can lead to their overdosing.

Illegitimate possession of prescription drugs

If you are in possession of drugs that you have not been prescribed, it is likely that you have purchased them illegally, or you have stolen them from someone whom you know. It is common for people to take prescription drugs that were intended for a family member or a friend. Behavior such as this is both dangerous and unlawful.

Distribution of prescription drugs

Many people mistakenly believe that the distribution of prescription drugs is somehow less serious than the distribution of drugs such as cocaine or heroin. This is simply not the case.

The police want to put a stop to any type of illegal drug trafficking, whether or not the drugs were manufactured in a legal environment. If you get caught with a high amount of a certain prescription drug that is clearly more than enough for personal use, it is likely that you will face serious consequences.

The consequences of a drug charge can be minimized by a good defense, and this is why it is important that you take immediate action after you are accused. A good defense against a prescription drug accusation takes time, and a good understanding of the laws in Tennessee is necessary.