The impact of a drug possession charge on a young adult’s future

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Drug Crimes

A conviction of someone possessing drugs has consequences that extend beyond time behind bars or probation and a fine. Knowing the lifelong consequences can be the difference in someone making a major mistake or not.

Law enforcement makes more than 1,400,000 arrests for drug possession each year in the United States. Behind each of these arrests lies a multitude of additional consequences that most people are not prepared for. The indirect consequences against a young adult can impact many crucial areas of their future, including:

Their education

A pre-college student may not gain entrance into the college of their dreams because of their criminal history. A college student can face suspension or expulsion from the college. Even in the event that a convicted student gains acceptance into their college, they may not be able to earn the loans they need.

Their career

A young adult with a drug conviction may lose their job as a result of the conviction. The charges may also appear in background checks for years to come. This mark on a record can be enough for employers to keep someone from earning the career of their dreams.

Their home

Banks and other loan lenders cannot deny anyone a home loan based on the sex, gender, or race of the applicant. However, a bank can run a background check on their applicant, and decide based on their findings. This can be all a bank needs to keep someone from earning their dream home.

No risk is worth the consequences

When a person’s education, career and home are all on the line in addition to time behind bars and a major fine, no amount of drug possession is worth the risk.