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Powerful, Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

If you are about to stand trial on serious criminal charges in a Tennessee state or federal court, you have one chance to hear the verdict “Not guilty.” The stakes are too high for you to risk your future to an inexperienced, unproven criminal defense attorney.

In Memphis and surrounding counties, Jack P. Sherman is the lawyer whose aggressive trial tactics increase the chances that you can receive the justice you deserve.

Since 2000, Mr. Sherman has built a track record of success for clients from all walks of life in criminal defense practice areas such as:

  • Drug crimes — including trafficking, possession, sales, delivery, manufacture, cultivation and importation
  • DUI — first offense or repeat offenses, driver’s license restoration and injury-related or fatality accidents where alcohol played a role
  • Domestic violence — spousal and child abuse, stalking, harassment, intimidation, terroristic threats and other serious charges
  • Theft — breaking and entering, burglary, armed robbery, retail theft and others
  • Juvenile Court cases — for vandalism, underage drinking, possession of small amounts of drugs, disorderly conduct and property crimes
  • Sex crimes — ranging from rape and prostitution to child pornography and indecent exposure
  • Traffic violations — when your driver’s license is at risk after a driving while suspended or revoked charge, or series of speeding and reckless driving tickets

Almost 17 years’ worth of satisfied, appreciative criminal defense clients will tell you that Jack P. Sherman excels at investigation of charges, thorough case preparation, skillful negotiation with prosecutors that can lead to reduction and dismissal of charges, and forceful litigation that forcefully speaks for your goals before judge and jury.

Jack P. Sherman takes charge of your case immediately, beginning with your free initial consultation. Call 901-646-4270 or send an email message. We welcome the opportunity to serve your urgent legal needs in any way we can.