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Experienced, Aggressive Domestic Violence Defense Representation

In Tennessee and many other states, when a spouse, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend or family friend is accused of domestic violence — someone is going to jail, no questions asked.

Were you falsely accused of stalking, harassment, intimidation, terroristic threats or any other form of domestic abuse, including spousal abuse and child abuse?

Time is running out, if your interests are to be defended. You could be facing a jail or prison term, substantial fines, ruin for your reputation and damage to rights you took for granted.

In Memphis and surrounding areas, the experienced criminal defense attorney who protects those rights — every day, for every client — is Jack P. Sherman.

Since 2000, Jack P. Sherman has successfully defended clients accused of a broad range of serious crimes in local, state and federal courts, including domestic violence. He knows what it takes to preserve your liberties and livelihood when confronted with “he said, she said” allegations of domestic abuse.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Whose Goal Is The Justice You Deserve

Mr. Sherman is proficient at investigation of charges, thorough case preparation, negotiation with prosecutors and forceful litigation against them in courts of law. And during the delivery of these quality legal services, he never forgets about you — offering regular progress reports on your case, keeping your family members “in the loop,” answering all questions fully and honestly, and generally giving you confidence in his ability to handle your legal affairs.

Have you been charged with violating an order for protection? Are you aware of how a conviction for domestic violence can impact your right to vote, to own a firearm, to see your children after a domestic issue and to stay in the country, if you are here on an immigration visa?

Help us to help you by contacting Jack P. Sherman today for a free initial consultation. Call 901-646-4270 or send an email message.