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Aggressively Protecting Your Rights And Driver’s License

Were you stopped by police for suspicion of drunk driving? Were you involved in an injury or fatality motor vehicle accident in which alcohol was thought to play a role?

Are you concerned that these DUI charges will land you in jail, result in heavy fines and ruin your reputation? Not to mention curtail your Tennessee driving privileges?

The first step toward overcoming the prospect of a suspended or revoked driver’s license is to speak with the most experienced, aggressive DUI defense attorney you can find in the region.

In Memphis, that skilled and client-focused lawyer is Jack P. Sherman.

Jack P. Sherman puts his almost 17 years of experience, deep knowledge of the justice system and sterling track record behind your quest to put these problems behind you. He knows how to bargain with prosecutors. He knows how to speak to judges and juries in the language they understand. Best of all, he knows how to get results.

Advocating Aggressively For The Justice You Deserve

Mr. Sherman is also well aware of the many factors that can go awry during a DUI stop. Inclement weather, hazardous roads and a malfunction with your car or truck could cause police to mistake error-plagued driving with drunk driving. Field sobriety tests can be too strenuous for even the most sober motorist. A breath test machine’s defects can translate to a distorted blood-alcohol content.

You have too much in your favor to plead guilty to drunk driving charges. You can fight back — and Jack P. Sherman will fight right alongside you. Contact our full-service DUI defense and criminal defense law office by calling 901-646-4270 or sending an email message. Your initial consultation is free of charge.