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Experienced Legal Guidance For Juvenile Court Cases

Is your minor child in need of experienced criminal defense support in a Memphis juvenile court?

Jack P. Sherman believes in your son’s and daughter’s rights — and in second chances. He works hard to put this legal crisis behind your family, after a youngster’s arrest for drug possession, underage driving or a property crime.

Since 2000, Jack P. Sherman has been the kind of criminal defense attorney who colleagues and courts respect, and satisfied clients appreciate. His entire career has been built on one goal — to fight for the justice you deserve.

Mr. Sherman is proficient at bargaining with prosecutors in your minor child’s best interests. There is no reason that a charge of vandalism, disorderly conduct or petty theft should stay on his or her record forever. His leadership is a blend of realistic assessments and caring compassion for your situation. He works hard to earn your trust.

If your minor child or the child of a friend has stumbled into a brush with the law, and you need the guidance of a lawyer who can put a misdemeanor charge in context — and in the past — contact Jack P. Sherman to arrange a free initial consultation.

Call today: 901-646-4270. Your email inquiry will be promptly returned.