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Facing Serious Theft Charges In Memphis? Jack P. Sherman Can Help.

A robbery or burglary charge can stick to you forever is a conviction won by prosecutors in court. Then comes the hard part — years behind bars, heavy fines, a criminal record, long-term separation from loved ones and strict conditions of probation upon your release.

There may still be time to avoid these harsh punishments, if the right criminal defense attorney is in charge of your case. In Memphis and surrounding counties, the lawyer who aggressively protects your rights in local and state courts is Jack P. Sherman.

For almost 17 years, Jack P. Sherman has devoted his career to preserving the liberties and livelihoods of persons accused of a range of theft charges in Tennessee. He excels at collection and analysis of evidence, holding prosecutors to their burdens of proof and providing the attentive personal service that gives you and your family hope.

Fighting Hard For The Justice You Deserve

You should be in touch with our full-service Memphis theft defense law office if you face serious theft charges such as:

  • Burglary
  • Breaking and entering
  • Home invasion
  • Grand theft auto
  • Credit card theft
  • Identity theft
  • Retail theft and shoplifting
  • Armed robbery
  • Bank robbery

Mr. Sherman thoroughly investigates all aspects of the charges against you, and negotiates effectively with prosecutors to have those charges reduced or dismissed. At trial, he is a fierce advocate for your freedoms and future.

Jack P. Sherman takes charge of your case immediately, beginning with your free initial consultation. Call 901-646-4270 or send an email message to schedule a frank discussion of your legal issues. We welcome the opportunity to serve your interests in any way we can.